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Style Inspo: Best Style Moments From BLACKPINK's Jennie

Style Inspo: Best Style Moments From BLACKPINK's Jennie



Currently the most talked about K-pop girl group of this generation BLACKPINK is not only known for their music, looks, and talent—these girls are adored for their style, too!

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This is no surprise for most of us since they came from the agency who puts huge importance in their MVs and stage outfits. As we all know, YG Entertainment also handles three of the most stylish groups BIGBANG, 2NE1, and IKON. Needless to say, their fashion stylists are doing a killer job in making them look charismatic every single time. 

Although this is true, fans have also noticed that in stage performances, their main rapper and vocalist Jennie Kim's outfits stand out which is why she's also dubbed as the "YG Princess". But it was revealed by one of their stylists that among the girls, Jennie is the only one who prefers to get involved in choosing what she would wear. And if she didn't like the outfit, she would ask if she can wear something else, adding a personal touch into her wardrobe most of the time. This just proves that Jennie is very keen when it comes to her clothes. As BLINKs describe the fashion forward member's style; fresh, classy, and youthful.

The 22-year-old idol is known for being cold and sassy on the outside, but becomes soft and awkward once you get to know her. That's why we understand why she wants to be the one to choose what she wears most of the time since her clothes precisely expresses her personality—feminine yet edgy. She's a style icon in the making, possibly comparable to her YG sunbaes 2NE1's CL and BIGBANG's G-DRAGON. To further prove our point, swipe through our gallery and take a peek at her dazzling sense of style!

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