#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gabs Gibbs: Here's How I Thrive In The Instagram Era

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gabs Gibbs: Here's How I Thrive In The Instagram Era

I think having the number of followers on IG comes mostly from my famous parents. My IG following really grew when I posted a video about turning into my dad for Halloween. I was just bored, wala lang akong magawa sa bahay. I think that’s when really good ideas come from: when you’re not thinking too much about it. It was reposted by Lilly Ghalichi. She has a makeup account, she sells lashes, she posted it, and everyone started reposting. My following went insane!

You do have to have a theme for Instagram. Being a creative myself, I like everything to look really clean and cohesive with each other, so my posts have to look similar so it looks pretty on the feed. I studied multimedia in college, so I can make my own filters using Lightroom. Just to make it look vintage—my go-to look is of the late 70s and the early 80s. I love the classic vibe it gives off! From the glam Studio 54 to the laid back Stevie Nicks feels, such era goes back to the time when everything was just so cool!

Over time, however, my feed aesthetic changed. I used to adhere to minimalism—opting for the black and white. Now, inspired by my travels, I’m more into warm tones. I believe your pictures get way better when you're out there! My feed drastically changed once I'd gone to Amsterdam with my family!

For me, a huge part of growing your IG following and establishing your personal brand is doing what you really love, establishing your content around it, and sticking to that. I’m really lucky because I have my sister as my partner. Even if we do different things (makeup versus fashion), we’re still sort of in the same field. We’re really about style! That’s what I like. You can’t make something up lang naman para lang sumikat.

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