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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gabs Gibbs: The Makeup Looks I Wear For Every Occasion

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gabs Gibbs: The Makeup Looks I Wear For Every Occasion

As a makeup artist and beauty vlogger, I've been asked a lot what my favorite makeup trend is. To be honest, it's a hard question. But, if I were to pick looks to match every occasion, that would be easier!

Let's start with vlog shoots. Usually, I would wear a nude or red lip plus eyeliner or just huge lashes. Nothing else, just lashes.

When I'm with my family, say at a brunch, I'd wear mascara and concealer. I think when you’re with people you feel comfortable with, that should be your look. Nothing too OA, just fresh. But on regular days with them, like Sundays, I usually prefer not wearing any makeup.

I usually go all out when I'm out with my friends. I used to be so scared of doing a smoky eye because I thought my eyes were so small and really Asian. But when I tried it, it works naman pala! So, for night outs with the girls, that’s the time you can actually experiment with it. Smokey eye or a wing liner, and a super contoured bronze look. I’d also go full glam with a contoured bronze look if I'm attending a red carpet event. I love a bronzy look! It’s the best! It suits everyone.

For dates, I think it depends. If it's a first date, I don’t recommend wearing dark lipsticks (although it works for other people). I remember that time when my friend wore a pure black lipstick on a first date. Her date said, "Wow! Iba 'yan." It's so funny, but now they're together. I think you can go for a red or nude lip, then put a little eyeshadow.

Now, when I'm on a date with my boyfriend, I wear minimal makeup as much possible. Super fresh look lang because we always eat and watch a movie, so I don’t want to have so much makeup. Yes, I still wear foundation, but again, super minimal and fresh. Same goes whenever I'm meeting with his family, I’d wear something cool and minimal. Maybe tinted lip with a fresh look. 

For a friend's wedding, my friends are too young to get married but if there was, maybe a peachy eye—depending on the theme—and a bold lip. I don’t want to get too much attention with my makeup.

For a job interview, it depends on what field you’re in and how you want them to see you. Like me the first time, I had an interview for my job now, I really pumped up my makeup look because it was for a makeup company. It depends on that. But I think a good look would be konting liner and a super natural lip, and a blush. Stay safe muna.

On a first day on a new job, I’d go from zero to a hundred. Don’t go full face because they’ll get used to your face. You can’t really keep up putting makeup every day. That’s what I did on my first day. Wala masyadong makeup. Super bare lip lang, konting blush. And then as the days go by, they were like “Oh! Parang naka-makeup ka today, ah.”

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