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In Focus: Anne Curtis Teaches Us A Thing About Being A Brand Creative Director

In Focus: Anne Curtis Teaches Us A Thing About Being A Brand Creative Director

More and more celebrities are dipping their toes into the business industry, proving that there's more to being a celebrity authority than just good looks and talent—brains, skills, and diligence to put up her own empire. Take Anne Curtis, co-owner and creative director of local beauty brand blk Cosmetics.

The brand is pretty much Anne's baby. "It has been six years in the making for me. It just so happened that my partners also wanted to have a cosmetic line. So when we met, it was like instant connection; they understood what I wanted to come up for my brand, and they were game for it. They just help me more with controlling more of the financial side of it kasi 'yun hindi ko na forte 'yun. So that's why I'm working with an amazing team where each and every one knows their position and what they excel in," she tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

She adds, "I think when you look at blk, you see my personality throughout the whole cosmetic line." Just last week, blk launched their anniversary collection called #blkToThe90s, an ode to Anne's favorite era. "Batang 90s eh! I decided to go for colors that I loved back then, and recreate them now."

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But with a plethora of cosmetics and skincare available to Pinays, Anne shares how she thinks blk stands out from its competitors. "We're all about being uncomplicated—where everything is easy to use—and that's what our brand is all about... Because if you look at all our products, it's all very basic. Our eyeshadow, lipstick, face powder, very simple and uncomplicated."

Which led us into thinking, how does she come up with ideas for her collections? Anne reveals, "People see what I'm into, that's how I aim to do. Na parang, 'will people like it, what my ideas are?' So, I really just think about all these different things and what I love. I just hope that people will love it too. I also listen to what blk lovers has to say. It's kind of being at service as well. It's a whole learning experience for me, pero so far ideas have been easy. But syempre alam ko I'll reach a point na parang 'Oh my gosh! What's my next collection?'"

With another successful collection up her sleeve, Anne secretly hopes, "Maybe one day, (we) go international!"

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Photos by Vyn Radovan, @annecurtissmith, @blkcosmeticsph



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