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Style Inspo: The Queen Bee vs. Miss Nice Girl

Style Inspo: The Queen Bee vs. Miss Nice Girl

What you wear reflects who you are.

Admit it or not, we assess a person first by her looks, and it can sometimes lead to unfair character stereotypes. Fortunately, in this day and age more and more people are becoming more open-minded when it comes to judging outward appearances.

Two distinct feminine character stereotypes were succinctly reflected by the lead characters in the recently concluded afternoon series, And I Love You So: The Queen Bee and Miss Nice Girl.

Played by Julia Barretto, Trixie was every bit the queen bee—someone you don't want to mess with because she always gets what she wants no matter what. Miles Ocampo as Joana, on the other hand,  was the epitome of Miss Nice Girl who was brought up with love, pursues her dreams for her family, and is loved by many because of her optimism and kind heart.

Check out this gallery of photos to see Miles and Julia's polar opposite, yet both stylish, signature looks on And I Love You So. And if you want to channel either, or both, of them, here's a checklist to help you:


Miss Nice Girl. Clothes: Basic shirts, pants, and sneakers/slippers. Hair: Naturally straight, sometimes put up in braids or adorned with simple headbands. Makeup: Face powder and lipbalm or gloss, but usually light or no makeup at all.

The Queen Bee. Clothes: Posh dresses, accessories, and items like scarves and sunnies, and heels or bejeweled flats or sandals. Hair: Glossy, lush tresses that's full of life, oftentimes in beautiful waves. Makeup: Brows on fleek, contoured or strobed cheeks; in short, mid-heavy to full-on makeup.


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