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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: Looking Back At Our Homegrown Brand's Humble Beginnings

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: Looking Back At Our Homegrown Brand's Humble Beginnings

Our vision has always been to be a global brand so for me, my hope for Sunnies is that it will resonate with people internationally. It was originally the idea of Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee. They had an apparel company called Charlie Apparel and their sunglass line was growing pretty phenomenally. They wanted to do a spin-off business of just purely sunglasses so they got Georgina on board to help with their marketing and the PR. It was originally the three of them as partners. Georgina approached me about five years ago and convinced me to join as a Creative Director to do the branding, to help curate the brand, breathe life into it, and just generally cover the aesthetics.

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I was at a phase of my life where I was in my mid-20s and I was attending a lot of music festivals and spending a lot of time in Palm Springs as I’m originally from Los Angeles. That was really the original inspiration of the initial branding deck I created for Sunnies. I’d say we’ve matured a lot and our brand has definitely evolved, but if you’re asking for early inspiration and early aesthetics, it was very much about what sunglasses meant to me: special and memorable moments where I remember wearing sunglasses and a lot of them were at music festivals that took place in the desert. A lot of the inspiration also had to do with the architecture, color, and palette that inspired me from Palm Springs!

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