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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: The Milestone Moments Of My Biggest Passion Project!

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: The Milestone Moments Of My Biggest Passion Project!

(Editor's note: Quitting American Apparel turned out to be Sunnies Creative Director Martine Cajucom's best decision in her career, but not one that wasn't difficult. Why, it was the coolest brand—and Martine herself was so personally in sync with its branding and vibe. She would pour out all her creativity and energy into birthing the Sunnies brand, which used to be a spin-off of another local apparel brand. Martine's inspiration for Sunnies traces back to her love of Palm Springs, California and all the music and adventures that filled her youth there. Cut to this moment in time: Sunnies is one of the fastest expanding homegrown brands in the country!)

The top milestone of Sunnies, I think, would be launching our very first store in October 2013. We opened our first kiosk in the mall, and they said it’s the biggest opening they have ever seen their whole life.

I can talk about this for hours, but I'll stick to the salient points. The set-up and launch was five years ago. It took almost one year of preparations—we definitely didn’t sleep at night! It was weeks of going back and forth with local development—packaging and developing the styles and developing what is the vision for our brand and where do we see this going. On top of that, it was also building a really strong team at the headquarters, like going through the growing pains of what business partners should face. We’re so fortunate that all of us get along so well and that all of our skills are really complementary to each other.

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One of our most recent milestones is launching Sunnies Face. That was enormous! That was really something else. It’s a project we’ve been working on and dreaming about for years. We had no idea that the response would be like this. We really didn’t. It was very overwhelming and humbling and exhilarating to be honest!

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