Sights to Behold: Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Kapitolyo

Sights to Behold: Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Kapitolyo

This neighborhood in Pasig has gained popularity over the years with its vast restaurant offerings that are all making the local food scene more exciting. Here are five of the most eye-catching and snap-worthy food haunts in Kapitolyo:


1. Wooden Spoon. Chef Sandy Daza’s restaurant stays true to its name, with its chandeliers resembling several wooden spoons placed altogether. Diners will also love how various decors, from succulents to jars, are meticulously arranged on one of the restaurant’s shelves.


2. Café Juanita. Aside from its glass chandeliers, what makes this restaurant attractive is its display of antique items, which includes film cameras, transistor radios, chinaware, and capiz windows. Stepping into this restaurant will transport you back to the romantically beautiful Manila of the past.


3. Karen’s Kitchen. Its predominantly white interiors, crystal chandeliers, and retro-inspired chairs and tables, will make you feel as if you're dining inside a life-sized dollhouse. Those visiting this restaurant should not miss out on the century-old cooking stove (that still works!) and a gate that leads to a photo wall of flowers.


4. Locavore. Despite its minimalist look, visitors will be drawn to Locavore's unique graffiti wall containing the names of ingredients and dishes they serve in various typefaces. Even Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour crew loved striking a pose with it (with a photo for proof!).


5. Epic Café. Having interiors dominated by wood and bicycles, this café has that laidback, beachy vibe going on. The various quotes and sayings on biking would be enough to convince you to try it out as a lifestyle activity. 


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