Easy Does It: Here's How You Can Put Those Leftover Wood to Good Use

Easy Does It: Here's How You Can Put Those Leftover Wood to Good Use

Do you have a knack for gathering and collecting various types of wood from your travels? Or simply just have leftover timber from past renovation projects? Interior designer and DIY blogger Michelle Rimosa-Sy shares some tips on making the most out of this mini collection of yours:


1. Paint them! Not sure how to properly paint those leftover wood that you turned into pallets? Michelle suggests you use acrylic paint and water to give them a wash before the actual painting process. As for the paint, she recommends using water-based paints over oil-based paints.


2. Dye them! If you're fine with the color of your wood, you can opt to dye them to an antique finish. A natural way of doing this is by using coffee and a paintbrush: Yes, simply brush the coffee stain all over your pieces of wood.


3. Make a vase. If you're like Michelle who loves collecting driftwood, you can turn those into a vase for your plants. Grab an empty plastic container, a glue gun, decorative paper, and jute string, and you're ready to create your personalized vase that proudly displays your driftwood collection.


4. Reinforce your boxes. Those chopsticks you've collected from Oriental restaurants through the years can now finally be put to good use. Use them to upgrade shoe boxes into a toy box, a plant box, or even a magazine box.


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Photographs courtesy of Michelle Rimosa-Sy of WhatElseMichelle



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