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Fitness Inspo: Shirtless Photo Shoot-Ready Alex Diaz On Fitness Over Parties

Fitness Inspo: Shirtless Photo Shoot-Ready Alex Diaz On Fitness Over Parties

He might not look it now but ripped actor-host-model Alex Diaz was a late bloomer in his fitness journey. “Ever heard of the ‘Freshman 20?' Every freshman gains 20 pounds when they start college,” the Fil-Canadian reminisces. “I was that kid who was skinny fat, complete with a muffin top.” He counts a radical lifestyle change as the best thing he did for his body. “I wasn’t motivated by a desire to be healthy inside out. It really came from a shallow need to look good physically,” Alex laughs. “My friends loved to go out and have a good time. I woke up one morning and realized that this kind of lifestyle was a waste of my energy; I can put my energy into more productive things. From that moment on, there was no turning back.”

Deciding to take the first step in his fitness journey turned out to be the easiest part. “Every single person would go through a period of adjustment. You have to go through the sacrifices to get what you want. If you want an amazing body, you need to go through the 21-day period of developing new habits and all the struggles of saying no to things that do not serve your goal,” Alex shares. “But, you’ll get past it. You’re going to look back and tell yourself what an amazing journey it has been. Just keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy every second of it.”

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Hard work for the sake of itself counts for nothing without tangible results. “When I was able to do six or seven workouts a week, that’s when I realized that all the hard work was worth it, that I built a lifestyle that I enjoyed,” Alex reveals, adding that he currently juggles a multitude of activities like teaching indoor cycling, acting, hosting, and his music. It was all a matter of making fitness part of his daily routine. “A typical day for me would be to wake up around 5 or 6 AM, make coffee, then do 10 minutes of meditation. After, I would head to a yoga class, eat lunch, then teach a spin class. At night, I would do weights. On days that I had other work, I would squeeze in a workout in the morning, go to work, rest so that I can start the next day early.”

Results are commensurate to how invested you are in your fitness journey and Alex believes that moving with intention helps you get to your goals faster. “You only get as much done as you want to achieve,” Alex shares. “If you spend this amount of time late at night surfing through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, or you spend x amount of hours sleeping, but then you complain that you don’t have that much time to workout, whose fault is that really?”

Extreme behavior, especially when it comes to dieting, is not something he advocates, however. “When you suppress hunger pangs, they tend to rear their head in ugly ways,” he says. “If you notice that you’re gaining more weight than you planned, slow down. Do everything in moderation.”

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Alex orients his fitness goals according to the benefits that he reaps and not by external expectations. “Vitality is priceless. I am stronger now, more functional. I like that I am happy in the skin that I am in now,” Alex shares. “Once you start mastering yourself as a human being, the pressure falls away. You realize that everyone has something unique to offer, something to give. There’s enough space for everybody. Knowing that stopped my insecurities about keeping up my looks. If it’s destined for you, there’s no force on Earth that can stop what is meant to be yours.”

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Produced and styled by Camille Santiago | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Video by Tin Zabat | Edited by Lui Jimenez | Makeup by Hannah Patriarca | Hair by Jan Jonas Lucas| Shot on location at The Ascott Makati | Special thanks to Heidi Manabat



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