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Dining Delight: Enjoy Every Sip Of Your Gin With This Cocktail Guide!

Dining Delight: Enjoy Every Sip Of Your Gin With This Cocktail Guide!

It’s been a busy day for you – you spent most of it at your desk, overwhelmed by the massive amount of work you had to accomplish. The only thing you’re looking forward to is going home and getting your much-needed chill time with a glass of gin in hand. It’s a no-brainer why it makes a great nightcap before hitting the hay. Aside from its refreshing taste, it also gives your body a soothing effect that could calm your nerves with every sip. How do you like your drink? Let this gin guide help you change it up and make your evenings a lot more fun and exciting! 

Drink it neat. There are certain drinks that are already fantastic as is, they no longer need additional preps in order to be extra. You’d be happy even with just a few sips of it. Take this newly launched The BaR Pink Gin by Emperador Distillers Inc., for example. Its burst of berry flavor, not to mention its pop of pink that could upgrade your ‘gram, let you perk it up and enjoy it even when you’re taking it straight. A lot of drinks have been crafted to be drunk neat – you just have to find your preferred taste in good quality.

Mix it with tonic water. The distinct, slightly bitter punch it adds to the drink makes it a common favorite. In choosing the tonic, you have to keep in mind that each is quite different, tasting better when combined with certain spirits. Mix one part gin and two parts tonic to make sure the flavors are balanced.

Mix it with your favorite lime soda. Not only can this add more flavor to your drink, it can also add to its shelf life! Lime soda would perfectly suit a spirit that has a refreshing zesty lime taste like The BaR Lime Gin. You can have equal amounts of gin and soda or if you prefer it less strong, you can just opt to fill your glass with more soda.

Enjoy it on the rocks. There’s nothing like having an ice-cold drink at the end of the day! Place two or three ice cubes in a glass and stir it into your desired amount of gin. This tastes great with mixed gins or a dry gin like The BaR Premium Dry Gin for those who appreciate more strength with botanicals! As always, sip it slowly to get the most of your drink!

THE BAR GIN is now available in 7-Eleven and

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