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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: How Cliff And I Made Our LDR Work!

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: How Cliff And I Made Our LDR Work!

(Editor's note: Martine met Cliff Ho through her cousin Georgina Wilson. The newlyweds were in a long distance relationship back when they were dating. He lives in Melbourne, Australia to manage his company, and Martine in Manila to manage a business as well. See how they pulled through and hope to continue on with the journey!)

When we first started dating, Cliff and I were both starting our respective companies and we really, really bonded over the struggles of management and going through the business and what goes into that. I’ve seen what he’s done in five years with his company. He’s very much under the radar, but he’s one of the most hardworking businessmen I know—and I admire him so much for it! It’s very mutual! Mutual admiration, respect, love, and all of those things that go into what a good relationship is. By all means, we’re not perfect, but we work on it every day.

Cliff just feels very much like the right partner for me and that’s all we needed to make LDR work. We knew we were right for each other so we put in the hours and we put in the work to get here. 

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He has always been my number one supporter and cheerleader especially when it comes to Sunnies. He’s always motivated me to put my everything into the company and the business. I’ve done the same for him as well. I helped him do the branding for his company and definitely just share mutual advice on how we can both improve. We attribute a lot of our success to each other which is why I love our partnership so much!

Cliff and I's relationship is definitely not traditional but it’s been working for us. And so we’re sticking to it! We’ve already discussed about our life after the wedding. To be honest, life won’t change significantly. I know once we have a child, we will have to make concrete decisions. For now we’re taking it day by day, as we did dive years ago. We’re seeing what works, and we’re both going to compromise if needed for each other. We’re still gonna be long distance and still keep our promise of seeing each other once a month for now, at least.

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