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October 2016

Metro Society is so happy to present its August release, The Global Pinoy Issue.

September 2016

The magazine is known for its high profile cover subjects – more often than not, they are seasoned, and with a huge amount of success. So why John Lloyd? And though no one can deny how far the youthful actor has come, what qualifies him as a global Pinoy? It is not merely because his is the first face that comes to mind when you hear his first name. Its not because his latest romantic film with old-time love-team Bea Alonzo ‘A Second Chance’ has been named the top grossing local film to date either. And no, it is not because he is probably the biggest Filipino actor of his time, with the largest fan-base, nor is it because he is a local legend of a heartthrob. It is truly  because of the tireless hours he put in mastering his craft, and the projects he has taken that has not only solidified his career locally, but put him on an international map as well. Learn more about the young legend in our cover story.

Following this, Metro Society trains the spotlight on other exemplary Filipinos, putting our country’s name on the map. From praise and recognition to awards and accolades, these individuals have raised the bar and proved that Filipinos are a force to be reckoned with. Get to know actress extraordinaire Jaclyn Jose, Golf pro Miguel Tabuena, incredible artist Patty Estaquio, intense dancer Jared Tan, talented chef Noel De La Rama, and superb director Brilliante Mendoza.

And it doesn’t stop there – even regular features have successful gloabal Pinoys to watch out for such as Bachelor Sean Kane who is making waves in the soccer community, New Beauty Rachel Peters who is smart, independent and truly gorgeous, and Versus girls and super moms Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles and Cat Juan Ledesma.

All these individuals are in their own little way, helping the Philippines shine brighter on the map. Please enjoy our August release of Metro Society, the Global Pinoy Issue!

August 2016

Metro Society: June 2016 Issue

June 2016

We enter the stifling month of May with one of our thickest issues to date. When it becomes so hot outside that your feet burn through your shoes as you walk the streets, its time to get up, get out, and take that much needed break! All of our stories – from our split cover stories to our main features, and pretty much everything in between – center on travel. Whether it is trotting the globe, or discovering our local shores and flavors, we made sure to include it in the coming pages. With much excitement Metro Society is proud to present our annual Travel Issue!

See these along with many other interesting stories and feature that take you across the globe. Please enjoy our May release, Metro Society’s annual Travel issue!

Metro Society: The Annual Generations Issue

April 2016

Metro Society opens with 2 dynamic families of empowered women. In this split cover, they choose to train the spotlight on the family of Socorro Ramos whose business savvy has resulted in the undeniable success of National Bookstore, as well as the Zapanta clan, whose faces all graced numerous advertisements and television commercials in the late 80’s and 90’s.

Please enjoy our April release, the annual Generations issue!

The Annual Metro Society Men's Issue

March 2016

Metro Society opens their Men’s issue with Coca Cola Philippines President and General Manager Diego Granizo and Vice President for marketing Stephan Czypionka. The underlying theme for the March release is ‘Ageless,’ featuring men in society that are both successful and display that youthful energy. Leading the pack of our age defying men are these 2 youthful minds behind the celebrated beverage mogul brand Coke. The company too, has always had a very youthful vibe, despite it being one of the biggest, if not the biggest international brands since it was introduced in the late 1800’s and still continues to dominate markets today. Get to know the brilliant minds behind Coke’s brand new tagline “Taste that Feeling."

Please enjoy the March release of Metro Society, the annual Men’s Issue!

ABS-CBN Pillars in Metro Society’s February issue

February 2016

ABS-CBN's three pillars, Gabby Lopez, Charo Santos-Concio, and Carlo Katigbak converge for one epic feature on leadership.

Metro Society: January 2016 Issue

January 2016

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