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Family First: The Unspoken Bond Between Pia Wurtzbach and Her Mom

Family First: The Unspoken Bond Between Pia Wurtzbach and Her Mom

After her phenomenal win as Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach's homecoming has surely been as sensational, with the whole country marking her triumphant return. But more than her fans, the media, or anyone else, there is one who longs the most for her comeback—her mom, Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall.

And that touching moment came, finally, when mom and daughter are reunited inside Pia's suite at the Novotel Araneta Center after arriving in the Philippines on Saturday, January 23:



They've always been so endearing and affectionate to each other. These photos show those wonderfully gleeful moments they shared, even when Pia was just a baby.


Pia is surely ecstatic as well to finally have the opportunity to spend time with the queen of her life. But while we wait and watch out for their next ultimate bonding experience, let's revisit some of the things they did together and learn a thing or two from this mother-daugther tandem on how we can strengthen our relationships with our own mothers:


Update her on your endeavors. Our parents always want to know what we do and where we go, not to intrude on our privacy but to be updated and assured that their "baby" is doing okay always. They want to be part of and take part in our lives to guide us and support us in everything that we do, win or lose. Update her about what's going on in your life and notice how easily your connection gets better.

"Selfie with ze mommy! First time for her to watch me at a fashion editorial shoot. She looked pleased naman. Lol!" (@piawurtzbach on Instagram)


Take her out on a date. The easiest way to catch up with your mom is through a good meal and long talks. Tell her everything that happened to you while you two were away from each other and then ask her about her life as well. Daughterly tip: Do not be afraid to initiate a date with your Mom. She might just want to ask you but prefers not to, thinking that maybe you’re busy or don't want to be seen with oldie but goodie her.

"Bonding hits with mommy while I can before she flies back home to England! ? dimsum tayo, ma?" (@piawurtzbach on Instagram)


Show your appreciation. Surprise her with her favorite cake or dish and then tell her how you appreciate her sacrifices for you and your family, how you love her, and all those cheesy, sweet things and see if you won’t cry while saying every word. Let her know she’s loved as much and as often as you can.

Taken during Mother's Day 2015


Reach out to your mom so if there will be chances that you two will be away from each other again, you have precious memories to bring with yothese will get you through the tough times and make you look forward to your next homecoming.

"Bonding time with my mom. So happy that she's here! Wouldn't know what to do without her. Especially now, with everything that's happened. I'm glad she's here to guide me to make the right choices for my next step. And she's really my comic relief too! We have the same humor! We also have the same taste in food, in music (yes she listens to Beyonce & Drake) same in everything! She's the coooolest! ;)" (@piawurtzbach on Instagram)


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