Sights to Behold: Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Quezon City

Sights to Behold: Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Quezon City

In case it isn't obvious to you yet, Metro Manila is blessed with a lot of structures, buildings, and installations that are Instagram-worthy, which you get to encounter as you go on your daily commute, while you're hanging out with friends, or even when heading off to somewhere secluded for your “me time.” To kick off our series on "The Best Instagrammable Spots in the Metro," we've chosen five restaurants around Quezon City that will surely make you take out your phone and snap away way before taking a glance at the menu:


1. Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Anyone passing by Mother Ignacia will surely oooohhh and ahhhh over Vanilla Cupcake Bakery's too cute to be true facade in a palette of white and bright and pastel colors (it's as pretty as the cupcakes they have on display!). The inside of the restaurant is as dainty as the outside, complete with cute floral print couches, delicate chandeliers, and an entire wall adorned with framed quotes in various colors and fonts.


2. Earth Kitchen. Located along White Plains, this nature-themed restaurant will make any earth advocate fall in love at first sight. Instead of artwork and decorative pieces, this place is decorated with plants of various species. Dining here makes you feel like you are in a garden, complete with fresh air and a relaxing ambiance.


3. Artsy Café. This café along Maginhawa is a haven for anyone who loves art. The décor and artwork both outside and inside the café are visually pleasing, to say the least. The hand-painted windows, the elaborate drawing on its wall, and the eclectic-themed tiles all make for perfect OOTD and shoefie backgrounds.

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4. Stacy’s Resto. Located along Capitol Hills, this restaurant is all about having brightening up your day with its pastel color scheme and interiors that will remind you of a dollhouse. The interior details of this restaurant, ranging from the dolls decorating the area, to the small fences separating each part of the restaurant, may have been designed primarily to be enjoyed by children, but is also befitting of those who are kids at heart. Having breakfast at this dainty place is a nice way to be kickstart any day.


5. A Taste of Capitol. If retro is your thing, then this diner located along Tomas Morato is your perfect match. With walls that are decorated with various memorabilia and posters reminiscent of vintage American pop culture, dining here will transport you back to that hip, magical 1960s-1980s America. Murals also adorn the tabletops, making taking those edgy flatlays a piece of cake.


Are there other buildings, structures, interiors, or installations around Metro Manila that you find Instagram-worthy? Share them at and we’ll publish the prettiest ones!


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Photos from,,,, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Facebook page, and Stacy's Resto Facebook page.




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