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#PiaWurtzbachInManila: How Will Queen P Catch Up With Her Adorable Furry Pal?

#PiaWurtzbachInManila: How Will Queen P Catch Up With Her Adorable Furry Pal?

We know one cutie who's extremely excited to see Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach again—besides her family, fans, and the boys. This one got to hug and kiss the confidently beautiful queen big time upon her return, and she's got the license to do so... plus we're sure Pia smothered her with just as much attention and affection.

Introducing Prada, Pia’s super adorb Chihuahua buddy.


With Pia away for months to compete and eventually emerge victorious in the Miss Universe pageant, this little one surely had a difficult time enduring those long lonely hours without her "mom." Our hearts go out to this baby, so we've come up with a happy list of things she and Pia can dodog lovers in general and their pets alike will also enjoy these fun, catch-up activities:

They're begging for a dog spa!  Just because doggies love to play and get dirty doesn't mean they hate grooming and pampering. Long nails hurt them and poor hygiene might result to certain diseases. Bring pets to dog spas to ensure they get proper grooming.

It's only fitting for a queen like Pia to have an equally attractive dog, right?


Day trips, please? Dogs love exploring new environments. Roam around the city with them, take them to parks or pet-friendly malls—it's also a good opportunity for them to enjoy life outside the four corners of your house.

Pia's homecoming involves a lot of trips so wouldn't it be nice if her dog can come along, right?


Fun indoor activities will do, too! Your buddy misses you so much and she will appreaciate it if you can do fun indoor activities together. Whether it's working out or playing rubber balls, your furry mate will surely have a blast.


Cuddle time. We tell you, you can skip everything on the list, but this one is something that you shouldn't miss. Believe us when we say that all your pet has ever wanted is to be showered with attention and the warmth of your hug is more than enough for her to feel loved. 


We can have the best time of our lives even without our pets, but these furry babies draw happiness from the love and care we give them.

So, Pia and Prada, have fun!


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