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Thinking Out Loud: The Millennial’s New Basic Needs

Thinking Out Loud: The Millennial’s New Basic Needs

For decades, we’ve been brought to believe that food, shelter, and clothing are a man’s only basic needs. But if you think about itand not to speak in the context of discontentthere are more things that we need that should be considered basic because, well, they are… like these five things:


Honesty. I’ve always believed that honesty should be everyone’s basic commodity. Nobody wants lies and nobody surely needs them. Not to simplify it as some sort of “best policy”, but honesty liberates. Being honest with yourself first and foremost, about what you feel, about what you need; and being honest with all your dealings as much as you can—that kind of honesty liberates. And that’s a basic need.


Intimacy. I’m not just talking about physical intimacy but the ability to let your guard down around people. No, you don’t have to be intimate with everyone. But it has always been an unspoken need to feel a connection towards someone. You need to know that you can readily be intimate whether emotional, mental, intellectual, or even physical, should you decide to.


Direction. Everybody needs directions, even the ones who have a penchant for detours and getting lost. Without it, life would just be dull with you floating aimlessly, perhaps questioning the point of your existence from time to time. That is not a way to live, and that’s why direction is a crucial, basic need.


Sense of Attention and Appreciation. Don’t even joke about being an infamous KSP or otherwise known as “kulang sa pansin”. If you can truly be honest with yourself, you would admit how a small word of encouragement, how a slight sense of appreciation or being noticed can get you going in a heartbeat. And so, if it carries that kind of effect on anyone, then why not consider it a man’s basic need?


Love. The one you receive from amazing people, but more importantly, the one you find within yourself. It’s been repeatedly said before, love is all we need. And while love doesn’t feed you, it’s so special it makes your heart full.  


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