Design Tips: Have a Relaxing Bedroom like Daniel Padilla's Simple-Yet-Sacred Sanctuary

Design Tips: Have a Relaxing Bedroom like Daniel Padilla's Simple-Yet-Sacred Sanctuary

Big name personalities like Daniel Padilla are just like us: They consider their bedroom as the most important part of their house. In Daniel's case, he loves to relax and recharge im his room after a whole day of doing endorsement shoots and tapings. 

One will instantly notice how Daniel's minimalist bedroom reflects his no nonsense personality (the Teen King gave everyone a preview of his abode via Kris TV). Notably absent is a place for his trophies and medals for his achievements in showbiz. Daniel's mother Karla Estrada explains that they chose not to put Daniel's awards in his bedroom, and have a separate room for it instead. Dominating his room is his large bed, which is great to recharge in and prepare for the next day [watch: Daniel is Down-To-Earth even With His Own Room].

Achieving Daniel Padilla’s simple-yet-relaxing bedroom is easier than you think if you follow these suggestions from interior designers Alyssa Valenton and April Oliveros-Gaspar:

Use the right color combinations. Color is key in making any bedroom a sacred sanctuary, and picking the right combinations is crucial. Valenton suggests that you go for soft colors for your bedroom to be a relaxing place to unwind after a day’s work. “We can put in pastels that ease the eyes, light shades of blue or green associated with nature, or neutrals that will give us the spa ambiance,” Gaspar adds.

Declutter your room. The less the clutter, the more your mind will be able to relax. “At the end of the day, you would want to stay away from work and have your eyes be freed from reminders or errands,” Gaspar said. To help in decluttering, Gaspar suggests having a separate room for storing items that do not belong in the bedroom. “Also, I would rather have few big bold furniture pieces than have several small furniture pieces,” Valenton notes.

Invest on a good bed (and linens). Nothing is more enticing than a good quality bed, adorned with clean linens and soft pillows, as the bed is the most important furniture at home. “It is as important as your smart phone, as your computer or food,” Gaspar adds. In choosing the right bed, Valenton suggests that you opt for classic pieces over trendy designs for staying power. There’s a long list of benefits you can get from having a great bed, which includes improved posture and better physical and mental health. “It can definitely affect your daytime performance or even worse it might set you back the whole day,” says Gaspar.


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