Design Tips: How to Make Your Home Office Space Ooze With Work-Life Balance

Design Tips: How to Make Your Home Office Space Ooze With Work-Life Balance



Experts have now discovered that trying to achieve work-life balance is in fact adding more stress to modern life. It actually makes more sense that instead of relentless multitasking, one should just keep work in the office and totally decompress at home. But the reality of life is that there are times when working at home is absolutely necessary. The best compromise or solution is to carve out a working space that is not overly intrusive or visually dominant. Check out our selection of effective home office setups for different types of personalities and needs, along with tips on how you can cop them:

A contemporary home office with a twist


1. Create various types of seating in your home study for a cozy, personalized effect. Here, the chaise functions as the main seating area, but Kenneth Cobonpue’s Bloom Chair makes a flirtatious statement.

2. Envelop your room’s ensemble in one unifying color on the walls. Here, the chocolate brown walls make a cozy backdrop to the assortment of chairs and artwork on the walls.

3. Let family photos and tchotchkes mingle with books on your shelves and tables. They personalize the space.

4. A combination of textures is essential to making a room. Here, animal hide mingles with faux fur, velvets, and leather.

The sleek and minimalist home office  


1. Make sure that this space does not get too much traffic from family members so that you can truly work in peace.

2. Using a glass top as a desk keeps the look light and visually less oppressive.

3. A sculptural shelving system can be both a practical solution and a visual statement. Slats within floating shelves double as storage and display units.

4. Plan the lighting. The lamp can be the quirkiest or sexiest element of your workspace depending on your own personal aesthetic. Make sure that the overhead lighting is sufficient for your work requirements.

5. Consider your technical needs. Place electrical outlets to charge your gadgets at an accessible angle. If your work entails contacting colleagues from other time zones, keep a big clock set to foreign cities in plain sight.

 An oriental-themed home office 


1. It’s fair game to reference other cultures and countries by incorporating the theme into your home office. Do this by making use of select architectural features. Here, an antique door is paired with the use of shutters for the windows and a grand coffered ceiling fashioned of vintage wood.

2. Situate your home office where daylight is generous. Working at home can have its downside, in terms of motivation, but a steady stream of natural light ensures a continuous working pace.

3. Have various work areas, if possible. Think of the functions of your work. Segregate your main table for computer work, and have a complementary work area, space permitting. Use this for magazines, coffee table books and scrap books. This is where you can step away from the load of your work.


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