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From the Desk: The Open-Office Trend and What Employees Really Think About It

From the Desk: The Open-Office Trend and What Employees Really Think About It

About a couple of years ago, an article entitled “Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace” appeared on The Washington Post written by Lindsey Kaufman. It claimed that “about 70 percent of U.S. offices have no or low partitions.” And now that the Philippines has caught on the said trend, what does this mean for the employees and what do they really think about it?


"It’s not conducive for working. I hate it. Open-office space encourages distraction brought about by officemates and all other possible elements." – Tina, 35


"I like that it fosters close working relationships. It creates bond, like in simple things when you need to ask favors from others." – Joey, 26


"It opens up the doors to more interactions with your officemates even though it lessens the privacy." –Tino, 27


"I prefer it because it actually enables me to do more. Closed spaces give me the feeling of dullness and being too serious." – Carlo, 26


"It’s easier to communicate and makes you more approachable even when you’re naturally not. It also gets work done faster, in my honest opinion." – Nick, 29


"Open-office sucks because there’s no sense of privacy and people who want to be left alone to work and focus, cannot." – Reyn, 23


"It still depends on the design and not just on whether it’s open or close. You can have an open space, nice lighting, idea boards, and bean bags if you’re trying to encourage creativity. So why not a middle ground?" – Franz, 32


While the answers differ, being able to enjoy or appreciate an open office greatly depends on one’s personality and ability to quickly adapt. And if you’re one to feel like you get thrown into the open water, then learn to swim and float on. A little chat with your seatmate doesn’t hurt so long as you get to be more productive.


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