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Cheat Sheet: How to Be Bigger than Your Shoe Problems

Cheat Sheet: How to Be Bigger than Your Shoe Problems

Perhaps one of life’s greatest joys is finding that ultimate pair of shoes—a design you fancy, in a make that will allow you to walk for hours on end without getting blisters on your feet. But life is far from perfect, and as with anything, the shoe game is a leap of faith: Find a pair you love and hope they store's still got it in your size and that it will be kind to your toes.

Hottest pair in town James Reid and Nadine Lustre play this game so well—no hard feelings, just lots of shoe lovin’. “I’m a shoe person! I like different styles but sneakers are my favorite because they’re really comfortable,” says the singer-actress. Her eclectic shoe taste bodes really well with James, who likes his girl to be enjoying both heels and sneakers.

With a wide array of shoe styles within their reach, especially now as the newest endorsers of SM Milanos and Parisian, respectively, do James and Nadine still find themselves stuck in sticky shoe situations? Just like the rest of us, yes, they do—what exactly are their footwear pet peeves, you ask? Read on to find out, and learn as well how to conquer similar challenging moments.

James says: “If I’m not comfortable [with the shoes], I don’t mind—I have high tolerance for pain. But when I get dirty, ah, that’s what I don’t like.”

The solution: Sticking to darker colors when it comes to sneakers or canvas pairs would help you wing it when your shoes accidentally get stepped on or splashed with something. White shoes are the most dangerous (they have to really look spanking new for maximum chicness), but if they’re the ones your heart wants, by all means go for it, just try to have stain removing pens handy (they’re available in most supermarkets) to be safe.


Nadine says: “If [the shoes are] really nice, but they’re not comfortable… yet you still wanna wear it.”

Nadine’s simple solution? Tiis ganda. “Kahit sobrang sakit na ng paa mo, you still wanna wear it so you wear it.” Sweet and simple, yes, but if you just don’t have it in you to carry on in uncomfy shoes, keep in mind that this is a lesson learned. Next time, be more careful when picking out a pair—be strong enough to let go of something, no matter how fantastic it would look with your favorite dress, because your whole night can be ruined if you’re in pain.


Footwear can help make or break any outfit, so best to use them to your advantage. Don't be afraid to experiment with various styles, especially the trends every season, just like James and Nadine does, because life's too short to be shoe boring.


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