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Dining Delight: The Astrologers Were Wrong, Because 2016 is the Year for Desserts!

Dining Delight: The Astrologers Were Wrong, Because 2016 is the Year for Desserts!

One of the inevitabilities of life is challenge, because to live and to change is to encounter hardships. And if you think about it, that’s really what most of our time is spent doing: Moving from one challenge to another, in the hopes of becoming better people, and making life better for us. 

But another of life’s inevitabilities is comfort, that at the end of any hardship will always be a triumphant celebration, by yourself, or in the company of those that you love. And in the complex duality that is life, whether we’re trying to get by, or trying to consummate our happiness, we have one wonderful thing to turn to: And that is cake. 

So don't believe what the astrologers tell you: This is not the year of a certain star or planet. In fact, with all of the pastry shops sprouting all over the Philippines, you can easily describe this year as the year of tasty and sugary sweets! 


But, back to cake. Yes, cake truly is one of the fundamental truths in life, and for many of us, the singular thing that keeps us going, whether it be figuratively or literally.

Profiteroles with Choco Ganache Frosting


So when you find yourself lost, drifting about in the unknown space which is the city of Angeles, Pampanga, without much in the way of dessert, take comfort in the fact that wherever you may be in this jungle of a city, you will only be a few minutes away from Mother’s, the oldest dessert and cake shop in all of Pampanga, serving only the best in traditional Filipino cakes and pastries, as well as some European and Western favorites such as the magical Profiterole (cream puffs) or all manner of cupcakes you thought were only possible in your dreams.

Croquembouche (French for "Crunch in the mouth") are Profiteroles glued together with caramel string.


So don’t be afraid of getting lost in the North: Pampanga is full of lovely places to visit, and since it’s famous for being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, you’ll easily find a good restaurant wherever you may be in the region.

Probably the most beautiful thing you'll see this week.


Because here, you can have your cake, and eat it, too!


Mother's Cake House is one of the oldest restaurants in Pampanga, and is one of the oldest cake shops in the Philippines. You can visit them at 1984 Marlim Avenue, Diamond Subdivision, 2009 Balibago, Angeles City. You can reach them via +6345-6257593, +63915-55360250, +63999-8060250. Learn more about them here.


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