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The Six Fix: Pia Wurtzbach’s Most Candid Moments Since Winning Miss Universe

The Six Fix: Pia Wurtzbach’s Most Candid Moments Since Winning Miss Universe

A beauty pageant may have words prim and proper written all over it. But Pia Wurtzbach has been nothing but forthrightly graceful since winning Miss Universe. Here are six shining moments where she simply blew everyone’s mind by just being her candid self.

1. That time when she belted out a Britney Spears song

Oh baby, baby, how were we supposed to know, that Pia can sing her heart out—a bit off key but yet still so adorably? But well if there’s one thing we’re certain, it’s that her loneliness isn’t killing her.

2. That time when she joked about the hashtag “I woke up like this”

In a radio show called HOT 97, Pia was asked about the kind of trainings one has to go through for beauty pageants including how a beauty queen does her makeup perfectly. Pia jokingly answered the infamous hashtag “I woke up like this,” something that triggered genuine laughter in the studio. She eventually admitted to getting makeup trainings aside from Q&A, physical fitness, and pageant walk trainings.

3. That time when she blushed about James Franco’s Instagram post

When Hollywood actor James Franco posted a photo of him side by side with Pia’s Miss Universe winning moment on Instagram along with the caption saying he loves the Philippines, and love to Miss Universe Pia, people were just quick enough to jump and ship what they think could be a beautiful couple. Pia, in a most candid fashion, regrammed the photo and told the actor, “I love you more.”

4. That time when she came out as a Super Junior fan

Months prior to winning the pageant, Pia was caught tweeting about how she thinks Choi Siwon of South Korean boy group Super Junior can be an ideal man. This was probably what prompted Siwon to congratulate her on Instagram and even invite her as a guest on their Super Show world tour.

5. That time when she gamely did her “first” walk on the TV show Live with Kelly and Michael

On the show Live with Kelly and Michael, the hosts asked Pia if she wanted to do her “first” walk as Miss Universe as they felt she hadn’t gotten that chance during the coronation night. She gamely stood up, stood fierce, and began her graceful yet strong walk down the stage.

6. That time she admitted to missing the ball drop and checking it from her phone instead

On the same TV show, Pia shamelessly recounted her New Year’s Eve experience in New York where she missed seeing the ball drop being too busy taking a photo of it. All she had to do was check her phone to see when the ball exactly dropped. Now if you don’t think all those were adorable, then we don’t know what is.

And, just when we thought we've had all her best candid moments covered, a video from surfaced, showing Pia guessing rom-com movies from mere emoji hints. Awww, Pia was just so adorable and well, obviously a rom-com genius!


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