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The Six Fix: Say Hello to the Different Kinds of People You Meet While Commuting

The Six Fix: Say Hello to the Different Kinds of People You Meet While Commuting

Traffic issues aside, you could still have so much fun while commuting. It’s definitely the best time to take a nap, play the music playlist of your life and of course, to daydream. But what makes commuting totally enthralling?  

Introducing the six interesting characters you meet as you hit the road.

1. The Modern Umalohokan. You badly want to enjoy your peaceful and quiet ride but this one won’t let you have it. You’re not supposed to know their issues but because of their loud voice, you might as well put your two cents in it since everyone seems to be invited to join the convo.

2. The Fighter. Everyone can see that there’s no space available. Yet he refuses to accept that, him the 100% fighter and believer of miracles. Perhaps, he should try making a reservation next time, don't you think?

3. The Royal Highness. Remember that time when you exerted an effort so you can personally give your fee to the driver? Then all of a sudden, someone high and mighty will sit at the back and will ask you to give theirs (even if they're more than capable to do it themselves). Yes, respect their royal blood.

4. The Sleeping Beauty. We’re all guilty of snoozing off to la-la-land while traveling but this one takes it to the next level. Better ready your shoulders because they badly need that. Talk about comfy sleep, huh?

5. The Wise Old Man. Above all, this one can make your ride worthwhile. You may be strangers but they will share life lessons worth remembering. They might as well be angels in disguise. 

6. The One. Because love literally moves in mysterious ways. You may fall in love at first sight, start an interesting conversation or share a funny and quite embarrassing moment while on the road. What could be lovelier than that?


The ride may be stressful and tiring, but try to enjoy the quirky moments and experiences, like meeting these people. Oh, and always ready your journal beacuse you might just encounter a new character today.


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