Design Tips: Reimagining Pia Wurtzbach’s Kitchen in Her New York Apartment

Design Tips: Reimagining Pia Wurtzbach’s Kitchen in Her New York Apartment

A Queen like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach definitely deserves the best, and with a degree in culinary arts and a passion for cooking, the kitchen is one of the more important parts of her apartment. However, netizens lamented at the so-so and dated layout of Pia's kitchen after a photo of her cooking was posted on the official Facebook page of Miss Universe.

Pia cooking at her apartment in New York, USA


In the spirit of fun and broadening our design knowledge, we asked some interior designers for advice on how Pia's kitchen can be befitting of the queen that she is. Check out their practical recos that even you can adapt for your home:

Change the countertop!

For someone like Pia who has a vivacious personality, her current countertop is just too plain. “My impression of Pia is that she is a fun and outgoing person who means business,” says interior designer Alyssa Valenton.

Among the elements Valenton pointed out that should be tweaked is Pia's countertop, which is fashioned out of marble. We imagine Pia changing it to a solid-surfaced one that's accented with bright colors, which will best reflect her exciting persona.


Streamline the use of hanging cabinets.

Pia's guests will surely look forward to seeing her passion for cooking on display. For interior designer April Oliveros-Gaspar, removing small and unecessary cabinets and having larger and multifunctional ones instead can improve Pia’s movement and visibility while cooking. Also, it will give Pia's guests a good preview of what she is preparing.

“I suggest to open up the kitchen a little more to allow the space to be visually open,” Oliveros-Gaspar adds. Another suggestion she has in mind is for Pia to have an island table, where she can prepare her ingredients for baking or cooking, or showcase the finished product to her guests before they eat.


Invest in state-of-the-art kitchen equipment.

Netizens instantly noticed that Pia is using dated kitchen appliances, an appalling situation for many because, of course, a queen like her deserves only the best. Since cooking is her passion, she can have modular cooking appliances, which is her best bet in making the most out of the limited space in her apartment.

Additional benefits Pia can get from induction cooktops is added sophistication because of its sleek design and an atmosphere cooling technology. Induction cooktops are also more energy-efficient than traditional ones, which will definitely help Pia cut down on her utility expenses.


Do you have other ideas when it comes to the perfect kitchen for our Miss Universe? Let us know by commenting below!


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Photograph from Miss Universe Facebook (Pia cooking). Banner and article illustrations by Jana Jimenez.




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