A Sight to Behold: This Showerhead Can Help Solve our El Niño Woes

A Sight to Behold: This Showerhead Can Help Solve our El Niño Woes

Since last year, we've all been on our toes because of news of possible water and power shortages due to the longer El Niño phenomenon. While various government agencies have been finding ways to address the power shortage through solar panels and Interruptible Load Programs (ILP), there has been little innovation in conserving water in preparation for the oncoming drought.

As early as now, we Filipinos can brace ourselves for the effects of the impending El Niño by being wiser when it comes to our water consumption. The easiest way to start? By changing our showerheads.

While there has not been any new technology with showerheads for decades, a group of engineers in California, USA, have come up with an innovative, environment friendly idea. Called the Nebia, this new showerhead atomizes water into millions of micro droplets, resulting to a bigger surface area compared to a regular showerhead. The group’s technology can help households save as much as 70% in water consumption, while functioning just like any regular showerhead.

Trivia: According to Philip Winter, Nebia’s CEO, an 8-minute shower consumes 20 gallons on average. The Nebia’s water atomizing technology can reduce water consumption to as low as six gallons, without you having to change your shower and regular showerhead.


Plus, in spite of the advanced technology the Nebia possesses, installing this innovative showerhead is a breeze. In fact, consumers purchasing the Nebia can install it together with their existing water pipes. Aside from having an adjustable base to suit the user’s height, the Nebia also has a separate and movable showerhead for use in washing other parts of the body.

Although it is slightly pricey at $399 (which translates to roughly P19,000), its water benefits are to be enjoyed for the long run. After all, the Nebia is the first new technology in showerheads for years, and with continued development and improvement, who knows, it just might be more affordable and accessible for the general public someday.


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