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From the Desk: What Inspires You at Work

From the Desk: What Inspires You at Work

We've rounded up a group of young professionals and asked them what keeps them going at work. Tell us, does any of these relate to you? 

Bills. "Every time I can’t finish a story, I end up thinking about having to pay my bills. All of a sudden, the words come rushing like magic. It always does the trick." – Jean, 26

Salary Increase. "A rewarding experience, thinking if I do my job well, there’s something to look forward to." – Kris, 25

Career Growth and Financial Stability. "Like when you work, and you get the opportunity for growth. You get motivated to do better. Financial stability, being able to take care of yourself and provide for your family. Being able to spend for the things you need and want is always a motivation to keep working better." – Santino, 27

My teammates. "When you see them thriving, it makes you feel successful." – Sarah, 28

The people around me. "I’m happy with my colleagues to a point I don’t feel what we’re doing is work." – Carlo, 26          

Independence. "It keeps me inspired to do more, so I can take care of myself in all aspects and makes me feel fulfilled." – Coni, 27

The cute girl in the office. "There’s a cute girl at the corner station; seeing her makes me inspired to come to work early so I can stare at her." – Raf, 24

The leader. "A great boss who encourages creative ideas because who knows this might be the source for the next big idea for the company." – Amos, 28


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