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The Six Fix: Lyrics that Can Turn Any Non-Justin Bieber Fan into a Belieber

The Six Fix: Lyrics that Can Turn Any Non-Justin Bieber Fan into a Belieber

Remember those times when you are not comfortable with Justin Bieber’s popularity? Or those cringing moments whenever you hear fans singing their hearts out with his earlier hits like Baby, One Less Lonely Girl and One Time?

This high-profile singer's success story is beyond belief. With over 14.9 million albums sold worldwide, 156 awards, record-breaking hits, millions of followers on social media and billions of views on his Youtube videosthis young gent is sure taking the world by storm and is showing no signs of stopping.

Yet despite his immense fame, you still doubt how he did it. Fast forward to 2016, and the tables have turned.

He had his fair share of controversies the past few years, but this Canadian superstar’s chart-topping Purpose album has redeemed his image. Everyone’s suddenly going gaga over Bieber’s honest and apologetic R&B and EDM ballads.

Aside from the soulful music of his new album, here are some of the lines from his songs that perfectly sum up the reason why it is now, more than ever, when you will finally learn to accept him and his cray stints:

"Look at all the children we can change". This reminds us that he’s just a kid who can’t seem to handle his uncontrollable success well. But with proper guidance, maybe he still has a chance right?

"Don’t do nothing ‘less your heart’s in it." You think that he’s pouring his heart out in his new album and someone with that dedication and passion warrants recognition. Plus, his collaboration with Nas, Big Sean, Diplo, and Skrillex are too awesome to go unnoticed.  

"No Pressure." It’s pretty difficult to like him right away, considering all those negativities surrounding his name, and he accepts that. Perhaps in time, he’ll be able to do something that can really change your mind. There’s no pressure.

"I’m working on a better me." All you can do is trust him about that. Just hope that he’s more than just an A-list star who can make smash-hit songs. Maybe one day, he’ll succeed in making a better version of himself, too.

"Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real." He’s not perfect just like everyone else. We don’t have the right to judge him right away for his actions because just like him, we commit mistakes.

"Sorry." Because apologizing is the first step towards redemption. At the end of the day, you realize that it’s not just about the Canadian pop star’s redeemed glory, but the fact that he’s not the only Justin Bieber of your life.

There are people like him who have disappointed you in many ways, but after proving themselves, they’ve finally earned their much-awaited second chance.

After playing his songs and hitting the replay button non-stop, there's no point in feigning indifference anymore: We just know that the former non-Belieber in you has seen the light—we won't judge you, promise.


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