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The Six Fix: Beauty Essentials You Should Have Handy When Traveling

The Six Fix: Beauty Essentials You Should Have Handy When Traveling

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But before you pack your bags, be sure to make a checklist of what to bring during the trip. And do not forget your kikay kit. Why? Because you will be taking a lot of photos and you will meet a lot of people and when you go out of the comforts of your home, it's always better to be presentable and photo-ready, right?

In this video, one of Luv U's leading stars Alexa Ilacad walks us through the contents of her makeup kit and shares the things she never leaves home whenever she travels.


You don’t really need to imitate what she has in her pouch. While what you should have still depends on the where you’re going, the occasion, or the purpose of your travel, here are six beauty essentials a woman should pack for trips, regardless of destination:

1. Organizer. It can be a portfolio as seen in Alexa’s video or just a simple pouch, as long as your things fit perfectly. You wouldn’t want your pouch to burst at the seams and your products to spill all over the place, right?

2. Powder. You cannot actually touch up properly during plane rides and long drives, unless you drop by a bus stop, a gasoline station, or EDSA (let’s talk about traffic). Loose powder is the easiest way to freshen up on-the-go.

3. Lip balm. When you travel out of town, there's a huge tendency for your lips to dry up either because of humidity, major wind blows, or lack of water intake when you're on the road so you should always have this handy.

4. Two Shades of Lipstick. Take into careful consideration where you're going to when deciding on what lipsticks to bring (Alexa, for instance, is a lippie aficionado and totes around quite a number of shades). For outdoor trips and adventures, one is enough, but if you're going out-of-town (but still in civilization), bring at least two for you to be able to create and recreate different looks. A shade of red can act as a multi-way product for your lips, cheeks, and even eyelids (it'll lend your face a pinkish glow under the sun), while a nude one is low maintenance and goes with any ensemble.

5. Brushes. If you are the type of girl who loves getting all dolled up, this is something you should not forget. Save some space in your bag, by sticking to the common, most practical types like the blush brush which can also serve as your loose powder applicator.

6. Oil Control Sheet or Soft Tissue. When you travel, especially to provinces, you really can’t avoid your face from getting oily especially if you bask under the sun. And you need these sheets to absorb excess oil in your face, not just to keep you from looking shiny, but also to keep dust from sticking to your skin. If you are on a tight budget, tissue is a more affordable, versatile option which can be your handy hanky, makeup remover, and oil controller for a shine-free look.


Have a fabulous trip!


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