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The Six Fix: Signs that You’re Promdi and Proud

The Six Fix: Signs that You’re Promdi and Proud

Left the outskirts of your small town to pursue greater heights? Check if your promdi soul is still intact despite your exposure to the enticing and energetic urban life: Allow these telltale signs to help you with that.

You still visit your province every once in a while. There’s no greater joy than feeling the warmth of the sun while you're under the mango tree that you used to climb when you were young. And it’s fun to share your newest city adventures to your loved ones and kapitbahays because they long to hear the difference of the quiet rural life against the party-loving city that you currently live in.

You share interesting local stories with pride. It excites you to share the terrifying tale of Kapitan Gimo, or the anting-antings the old man of the barrio sells for a living. It just feels so cool when you know folklores personally, whereas others only encounter them on the web.

You bring pasalubong to your city friends. The local flavors and handmade souvenirsyes, they’re only in available in your beloved province! And you just want to show others how amusing it is to live in such a great place.

You try to introduce your dialect to others. Whether it’s Bikol, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinense, Waray, or just the profound Tagalog words that you speak regularly, you just have this feeling that you’re somehow obliged to teach those who are not familiar with your native tongue.

You love your punto no matter what. And even if you make these strange high pitched sounds while saying “Ala e!”, you won’t change a thing about how you speak or who you are.

You still hope to permanently stay in your town. Because despite the city lights and glamour, you know deep inside your heart that after you accomplish what you've come to do, you’re still going back to where your heart truly belongs.

No one can forget their first love. So, cheers to all the promdis and proud out there! Your province must be super proud to have you as one of its loyal inhabitants. 


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