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Cheat Sheet: Pixie Perfect Lessons for Your Inner Amor and Claudia

Cheat Sheet: Pixie Perfect Lessons for Your Inner Amor and Claudia

Short hair, don't care—nah, we actually care so much about short hair nowadays, what with the most powerful women on Philippine primetime television sporting it. After Jodi Sta. Maria's much talked about foray into pixie-dom entering the second book of Pangako Sa'Yo, Angelica Panganiban has also ventured into short hair territory by way of a Jennifer Lawrence-ish shorn 'do. We can't help but ask, what is it really with pixie cuts?

Conventionally, this uber short, edgy hairstyle can only be pulled off by the strongest of women—you need to ooze with confidence to rock this look like Amor and Claudia; but conversely, short hairstyles can actually make you feel more powerful because there's literally nothing weighing you down. Many girls I know turn to this hairstyle in the name of convenience. For one, you'll only be needing a little amount of shampoo and conditioner, and it’s basically wash-and-wear. Plus, given the humid weather here? The pixie cut will definitely provide you much comfort.

However, there are still some challenges girls who have chosen this hairstyle have to face: They're not spared from flyways, there's not much hair to play around with, and they risk looking like men. Lucky you, we've compiled solutions to help you maintain those chic pixies and stay oh so gorgeous even sans traditional long hair:

1. Trim. When the hair starts growing out, it tends to fly away and stick out in all the wrong places. To avoid this and maintain a slick 'do always, have your hair trimmed every month or as needed (and you ward off split ends as well).

2. Use hair products. Short hair is much easier to style than long hair because you won’t need to use ponytails, straightening irons, or curlers anymore—hair clays and gels will do. This won’t take you much time and effort: Just put a small amount on your hair and you style it anyway you want, however you want, to complement your OOTD.

3. Accessorize. If you worry that you are in danger of looking like a boy with this haircut, accessories are your best friends. Earrings and necklaces are the most fun to play around with (choose bold ones for maximum standout style); hairclips and hair bands, on the other hand, will lend you that preppy vibe that never fails to spell chic.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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