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The Six Fix: Feels Only Succulent Lovers Understand

The Six Fix: Feels Only Succulent Lovers Understand

So you’ve decided to finally jump in the new plant hype in town? You made the right decision as succulents are just so exquisitely beautiful and we thank Mother Nature profusely for bringing these babies to the world. But aside from religiously practicing every line written in “Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul,” here are six things any succulent lover like you can relate to:

1. People think that you’re the weird plant person. Because of your huge plant collection, yes, everyone who doesn’t have the same appreciation that you have for succulents definitely thinks that you are! 


2. For you, every potential pot counts. But the truth is, you just see the good in and usefulness of every potential pot that you lay your eyes on. Cage, jar, egg cartonsky is the limit! As long as it looks cute, right?


3. The excitement of posting artsy photos of them is for real. These unique and creative arrangements can truly spruce up our spaces and *ahem* Instagram feeds. No one can resist an Instagram-worthy item, anyway.


4. Everyone expects you to give them as gifts. And since your social media accounts all showcase your newfound love for these babies, everyone suddenly admires your collection and now asks you to give them one, too.


5. You can’t stop wondering if you’re taking care of them right. The thing is, even if you own a couple of succulents right now, you still ask yourself if you’re treating them right. Or maybe you’re just afraid they don’t get the right amount of water and sunlight that they might die in your hands.


6. You find successful propagation definitely heartwarming. Because you love them so much that you want to add more of them to the world. And that is perfectly fine.


The next time someone asks you why you’re so into it, why don't you give her one? After all, they say it only takes one plant to change one’s life for the better, right?


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