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ICYMI: Alan Rickman, the Villain Who is Also a Hero

ICYMI: Alan Rickman, the Villain Who is Also a Hero

After the death of rock icon David Bowie, the world has lost another British legend in Alan Rickman.

Rickman succumbed to cancer at the age of 69 on January 15. Fans of Harry Potter books and movies best remember him as the ambiguously moral Professor Severus Snape, and this best defines Rickman: A villain who is a hero at the same time.

What made his portrayal of Severus Snape a standout is how he channeled the complex role albeit he had little knowledge about the character back in 2001, since his focus was previously theatre. Here are some of his key performances that helped craft the perfect Severus Snape character:


As Hans Gruber in Die Hard

As Rickman’s breakthrough movie in Hollywood, he contributed largely in changing the way antagonists are normally portrayed on screen. Instead of the typical rugged villain, Rickman’s suave and sophisticated take helped rewrite the way succeeding action movies are made.


As the Metatron in Dogma

Rickman may be so good in being bad onscreen, but avid fans of the renowned actor know that he can pull of comedic roles as well. Taking the role of an angel who acts as “the voice of God,” Rickman managed to hit two birds with one stone in his portrayal of a serious persona that had a funny side.


As Harry in Love Actually

Rickman dove deep into the realm of romantic films via Love Actually, where he played a philandering husband who fell in love with his secretary. In this movie, we all saw Rickman showcase his sweet and vulnerable side as he tried to win back his wife after being caught red-handed.


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