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The Six Fix: Commuter Mishaps Every Internet Streaming Fan Should Be Wary Of—and How to Avoid Them

The Six Fix: Commuter Mishaps Every Internet Streaming Fan Should Be Wary Of—and How to Avoid Them

With various internet streaming services available here in the Philippines like iWantTV, SkyMobile, HOOQ, iFlix, and NetFlix, Filipinos now have a broad set of choices when it comes to catching up on their favorite TV series and movies, both local and foreign. Everything's just much more convenient now, what with you being able to watch your favorite shows on the go—but ooops... what if things do not go your way, like when the bus you are riding stalls, or when your Internet signal gets spotty?

Here are some tips on how you can remain positive even if things go cray cray while you're catching up on Pangako sa 'Yo and On the Wings of Love during your daily commute:

1. When the signal decides to drop

While telecom companies have been aggressively updating their networks to handle faster connection speeds, not every location in Metro Manila has a network signal strong enough to manage high-definition movie streaming. Watching Orange is the New Black and your streaming service decides to buffer up? Chill out! Instead of getting frustrated, try listening to your favorite track (or two) from your device's music player to calm you down.


2. When you run out of power for your device

Mobile internet consumes a lot of power, which is why smartphones nowadays do not last a full day without you having to scour for a power outlet so you can recharge the battery. Of course you do not like your smartphone or tablet to shut down while watching the fight scenes of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, right? Invest in a reliable power bank, so that you can continue watching without worrying about your battery running dry.


3. When a thief snatches your precious device

You may love watching crime shows like CSI and Criminal Minds while on the go, but you should be mindful of your surroundings, as the Philippines is not exactly a safe place. One’s biggest nightmare would be losing their newly-purchased iPhone 6s or Galaxy S6 to thieves while catching up on their fave show inside the LRT. To avoid this, make sure your bag is large enough to conceal your precious device while watching. Being subtle is one surefire way to avoid snatchers preying on you.


4. When a notification pops up in the middle of an exciting scene

You are at the most exciting part of the latest Arrow episode when your mother (or boyfriend) suddenly texts you, asking how your commute is going. While it's nice that your loved ones care about you, it can sometimes  be anti-climactic especially if you've reached the most exciting part of an episode. For an uninterrupted session, you can disable notifications from your messaging and social media apps before enjoying an episode of Arrow while riding the bus going to work.


5. When someone judges you based on your choice of series

Admit it: Not everyone is familiar with Mozart in the Jungle (until it won awards at the recent Golden Globes), so expect some commuters to be curious and try to get a good view of what you're watching. Instead of giving those strangers the side eye, simply put your show on pause and explain what you are watching. Who knows, you might gain a new friend in the process!


6. When you realize that your commute has come to an end

For some lucky reason, your normal hour-long commute has become a half-hour commute, making you unable to finish an episode of Big Bang Theory. Instead of being disappointed, look at the bright side: You get to arrive home earlier, which gives you more time to rest and catch up on that missed episode—in the comforts of your own bed, no less!


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