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The Six Fix: Easy Techniques to Get Ahead in the OOTD Game

The Six Fix: Easy Techniques to Get Ahead in the OOTD Game

You’re wearing a killer outfit and you simply have to give it justice by capturing it on camera—pose, click! Click, pose, click. How can you not share to the world how fabulous your new cropped top is, right? We feel you, and we also know how challenging it can be to get that OOTD shot perfectly, so we’ve enlisted the help of the masters: We asked social media style stars Akiko Abad, Chin Chin Obcena, Janna Tee, Jessica Yang, and Kara Gozali to educate us on the art of nailing that fantastic OOTD shot. Take their expert tips to heart and brace yourself for the non-stop popping of those like notifications (you’re welcome!):

1. Balance chicness with comfort. “Make sure your outfit is well put-together and at the same time it’s something you’re proud and comfortable to be in—this will guarantee that your personality will really shine.” – model and real estate broker Janna Tee (@jannatee on Instagram)


2. Let the rule of proportions and the study of contrasts guide you. “Balance your outfit in a way that you don't show too much skin and you don't layer too much also since we're in a tropical country. [This balance also applies to] the background, [it] should be appropriate to the outfit and better if it makes a good contrast to the outfit too.– blogger Chin Chin Obcena (@chinchinobcena on Instagram)



3. Think fashion editorial. “I don't shoot my OOTDs against plain backgrounds so my top trick is to study where you are going. Usually I look up the place I'm going to beforehand—on Instagram, either using the hashtag or the geotag because that’s always the latest photo update and from there I will know what to wear to match with the location I'm going. I also dress rehearse the night before I go out to get the perfect outfit (laughs).” – model Jessica Yang (@jesych on Instagram)


4. Know your angle. “If you wanna look a bit taller, taking your photos from a downward angle will help you look longer. Knowing your angle is really a must so that you can show off your best side in terms of your face and body. It's also better if your OOTD photos are candid so they look natural.” – model and Law student Akiko Abad (@akikoabad on Instagram)


5. Unleash your adventurous side. “It can lead you to a trend that'll complement you well. Switch up your looks. You'll find that it'll get you feeling new each day. It's a picker-upper! And always dress the way you feel. Dainty one day? Androgynous the next? Do it. Dressing to impress is passé.”  model and Med student Kara Gozali (@karagozali on Instagram)


6. And of course, make sure the lighting is good! These beauties say it really makes a whole world of difference.


Happy shooting!


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