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The Six Fix: The Expectations vs. Reality of New Year's Resolutions and How to Get Back on Track

The Six Fix: The Expectations vs. Reality of New Year's Resolutions and How to Get Back on Track


We’re halfway through the first month of the year, how committed have you been to your resolutions so far?

Expectation: “Been working on them already.”

Reality: “Bukas talaga. Pramis.”

Naka-relate ka ba? Cheers! You’re pretty normal. Watch this video from Chalk to see more funny and relatable expectations vs. reality contrasts when it comes to those ubiquitous New Year’s resolutions:


While all those are funny scenarios, don’t allow your resolutions to remain mere expectations. Turn them into reality through these tips:

1. Put them on paper. Like what Moses did with the 10 Commandments, your resolutions will also be your "rules to live by" when you bring them to life through writing them down. Tip: Personalize them by using your own handwriting. Studies show that people don't easily forget what they have personally written.

2. Place the paper somewhere noticeable. Put your written resolutions in your closet, wallet, on your mirror, laptop, or somewhere you see or go to many times every day. Tip: Put it somewhere near that thing you’re avoiding, like the refrigerator if you are on a diet. Or better yet, make many copies then put them everywhere.

3. Let your friends or loved ones know about it. Aside from your written notes, the people in your life can also help keep you on track. Tip: Better if that person will share his/her resolution, too, so you two can go through this journey together.

4. Check your progress. Make a tracker to see how you are doing when it comes to your resolutions over a period of time. Tip: Print your tracker then stick it on your office corkboard or study table for maximum visibility.

5. Reward yourself. Pampering yourself every once in a while will encourage you to live by your resolutions. Tip: Use what I call the "progressive reward system" (with increasing value of reward every time period, e.g, January-spa massage, March-Palawan trip) then write them down on paper as well, so you will always be reminded that there's something to look forward to if you sustain your resolutions.

6. Be disciplined. Even if you have all these "resolution reminders," if you keep on ignoring them or just setting them aside, you will not achieve them. Tip: Carve them in your heart as you write them down on paper and live them out throughout the year.


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