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Get to Know: Kristel Fulgar and Her Road to Viral Music Video Fame

Get to Know: Kristel Fulgar and Her Road to Viral Music Video Fame

There's no denying that this digital age we live in has given aspiring musicians a bigger avenue to showcase their talents. Case in point: Darren Criss, Marie Aragon, and Charice Pempengco, whose rise to fame was catapulted by YouTube videos of them showcasing their singing prowess. They've since then gained international recognition and strong global following, and cemented their place in the music industry.

Joining the growing list of viral singing sensations is none other than Kristel Fulgar. Although she's an actress by profession and has appeared on various shows like Goin' BullilitGot to Believe, and Pangako sa 'Yo, among others, it was after YouTube videos of her casually singing while driving came out when she truly captured people's attention.

Now that she is considered a viral sensation, Kristel shares some insights on what makes a video truly viral:

Do what you love. For starters, Kristel thinks that her videos became viral because she was simply doing something she loves. “Hobby ko lang ang singing, tapos stress reliever ko ang driving,” Kristel said.

In addition to doing what you love, viral videos should have a unique aspect. In Kristel’s case, she chose to showcase her singing skills while driving. “It's either sa banyo or sa kotse... panget sa banyo, kaya sa kotse na lang!” Kristel candidly remarked.


Safety is a priority. Another element of a video becoming viral is how it does not put the person in danger. Contrary to those saying that what Kristel is doing is dangerous, she noted that it's normal for people to sing while driving, especially when their favorite track plays on the radio.

Bakit, hindi ba sila napapakanta habang nagda-drive?” Kristel remarked in response to her critics. She notes that in all of her singing videos, safety is always her top priority.

How did she manage to record those videos, then, while driving? Her car has a phone holder, and her smartphone just keeps on recording the footage until she pulls over the road, and stops the recording from her smartphone.


Be natural and spontaneous on-cam. Ako kasi nagpakatotoo lang… pinakita ko lang yun natural na ako.” Unlike other videos where people on-cam would try to stage their antics in order to catch people’s attention, Kristel chooses to be spontaneous and natural on-cam. In fact, she notes that her videos actually became an avenue for people to know more about her talent, particularly her singing skills.


Craft your own identity. If there is one thing that changed in Kristel’s life after becoming a viral sensation, it has to be finally having her own identity, post-child actress stardom. “Ang sarap sa feeling na kilala na nila ako personally,” she adds.


There's no better time than today for aspiring and under-the-radar musicians to fully utilize the power of the Internet and social media. Who knows, TV host Ellen deGeneres just might invite you to guest on her show after seeing your video on YouTube.


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