A Sight to Behold: An Innovative Lamp that Resembles the Iconic Wooden Top

A Sight to Behold: An Innovative Lamp that Resembles the Iconic Wooden Top

Young British designer Ewan Cashman, who is known for projects like his glue and screw-free Riga bed, has come up with a refreshing take on the statement "toys for the big boys."

Drawing inspiration from the wooden toys his mother made when he was a child, Cashman has created a stand lamp that has a base closely resembling a wooden top. Yet, his Pumpal lamp is not just patterned after a wooden top; It is designed in such a way which enables the user to easily interact with the lamp without the risk of it toppling over.


Among one of the highlights at the "New Talent" category of the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, the Pumpal lamp's overall design is child-friendly, so parents need not worry about their children destroying this lamp by accident. Add its 360 degree movement, and you have an interactive stand lamp that can be easily adjusted according to your lighting needs.

For the overall construction, Cashman made use of hollow concrete for the base, and wood for the body, which houses a strip of LED lights. Joining the base and body together are hollow steel rods to reinforce the overall design of the lamp.


Let’s hope that this lamp would reach our shores someday, because its intriguing design would surely bring a wonderful rush of nostalgia to those whose childhoods were made more fun by the iconic trumpo.


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Photographs from Ewan Cashman




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