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Workout Wisdom: Overrated Fitness Philosophies You Should Stop Believing In

Workout Wisdom: Overrated Fitness Philosophies You Should Stop Believing In

Remember how you promised yourself “mag-e-exercise na ko” and/or “magpapapayat na ko” at the start of this year? We hope you've taken steps to follow through with your fitness goals, but either way, we want to help you weed out what works and what doesn't when it comes to achieving your dream body—because many may claim effectiveness, but not all deliver. Lucky for you, we've asked some of Manila's hottest fitness professionals and enthusiasts to tell us the real deal, read on to learn straight from them the diet and workout myths you should stop believing in:

1. “DIETING”. “’If you want to gain the weight back after a while, go on a diet," notes Yoga and Dance Fitness Teacher Nikki Torres. But of course who wants to gain back those pounds, right? So please, don’t deprive yourself. Athlete Aby Marano shares, "For me, we can eat whatever we want as long as we are aware of our limitations. Eat what you crave but with control." Remember: There is big a difference between healthy diet and DIEating.


2. SHORTCUT EXERCISES. There is no short cut to a well-toned, healthy body. If you want achieve something, you must work hard to get it, because anything you get easily won’t last. “Plan a long term investment for yourself, cliché as it sounds, 'health is wealth.' I tell people that if they want their workouts to pay off, then they need to invest more time into it," advises Lady Volcano and events host Cassie Umali.


3. LIFTING WEIGHTS MAKES WOMEN LOOK MANLY. Most women want to be fit but are afraid to lift weights because they do not want to turn also muscled and Amazona-ish. But there is nothing to worry about. Nikki says: "Women's bodies are not built to be as muscular as men's unless you deliberately bulk up."


4. EATING MEAT TO COVER DAILY PROTEIN REQUIREMENTS. Although meat is really the main source of protein, they do not have all the access to fill our body’s protein requirements. Protein can be also found in veggies like beans, spinach, mushrooms, nuts, etc. "I've tried and tested and debunked this myth at least for myself and numerous studies have been published to prove this to the world but unfortunately most fitness loving folks still believe that meat consumption is superior to a diet focused on plant protein when it comes to building muscle," shares Yogini and certified raw food chef Mona Lisa Neuboeck.


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