The Six Fix: Ingenious Ways to Use a Mason Jar

The Six Fix: Ingenious Ways to Use a Mason Jar

Since last year, there has been a surge in the popularity of mason jars. One cannot deny the versatility of these glass jars: Besides their most conventional use as drinking mugs, they're also utilized for storing kitchen ingredients, packaging gifts, holding decorative pieces like flowers... the list goes on.

Challenging the ways of using mason jars that we know are these unconventional functions of the in demand piece:

As a bird feeder

Because mason jars are sturdy, thanks to their glass structure, they can be used as substitutes for your bird feeder’s food storage. You can choose to either hang them on a tree, or place them on your porch. You'll be delighted to find how many birds this DIY feeder of yours can attract.


As a terrarium

Yes, even your children can make use of mason jarsas part of their science project, that is, by serving as a base for a terrarium. Activities like this are a great way of introducing to your children the basic concepts of photosynthesis, respiration, and the water cycle. An added bonus: They can also serve as miniature gardens for your desk!


As a night light

Do you have a few strands of battery-powered lights at home (maybe those you have used for Christmas)? You can place them in a mason jar and have your own night light which you can bring anywhere. Perfect for travelers who would need adequate lighting at night.


As a personalized candle

Alternatively, mason jars can also be used as a light source by turning them into personalized candles. The glass structure can stand the hot wax while you build the candle, and can also withstand the heat from the flames emitted by the candle.


As a lamp base

Instead of purchasing lamps in stores, you can build a lamp using mason jars as your base. Aside from being stable and sturdy enough to hold a lamp, you can decorate the inside of your mason jar with various items, ranging from rocks and sand to seashells and gemstones.


As an air freshener


Everyone loves a room that smells fresh and relaxing, and you can create your own air freshener with a mason jar and a mix of herbs. Mix and match various herbs to attain the scent you desire for your room, whether it may be your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.


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