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The Six Fix: A Female Backpacker’s Funniest “Hugot” Lines (Part 1)

The Six Fix: A Female Backpacker’s Funniest “Hugot” Lines (Part 1)

Every day when we scroll through our social media feeds, we almost always find something that would drive us to a laughing frenzy. The case was no different when we've stumbled upon this female backpacker named April Esteban whose travel photos inspired her "hugot" lines about anything under the sun, but mostly about love. 

1. That time when she compared solo traveling to monogamy in relationships


2. That time when she thought about getting back with The Ex


3. That time when she just wanted to drown in love 


4. That time when she wished for the sea to take her sadness away


5. That time when she thoughtfully wanted to buy an airplane for a good cause



6. That time when she showcased how much she believes in loving just enough and not too much 


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Photographs by April Esteban





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