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The Six Fix: Feels You Get When You’ve Caught on the Travel Bug

The Six Fix: Feels You Get When You’ve Caught on the Travel Bug

Having caught on the travel bug sends you on a wanderlust high. You’re seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring the unknown, and well—the list can really go on. But often, when the high comes down, you are left feeling all other sorts of emotions.

Let’s break it down and tell us, which among the following applies to you since you started globetrotting?

1. Wonder. Have you ever caught yourself with your jaw dropped open, simply amazed at whatever caught your eye? Is it the overwhelming fact that certain temples have gone hundred thousands of years before you and there they are staring back at you? Or is it the peculiar way the man from the streets conducts himself around other foreigners? Or is it the intricate details you just can’t bring yourself to imagine how on earth did they do that?

2. Bliss. Joy, happiness, delight, pleasure. Okay, we’ll stop before that becomes a list of synonyms. But kidding aside, travel certainly makes you feel giddy from the inside out. Just look at your photos… by the shore, in the mountains, on a high-rise view deck. There’s just that glow travel gives you knowing you’re walking somewhere you haven’t been before.

3. Uncertainty. Do you go left or do you go right? It is, however, not only about what roads to take or where to make the turns. You have an app to help you with that. But the uncertainty travel makes you feel is different—it makes you step back, and question your life and your efforts.

4. Exhaustion. You may be right to say YOLO because you only live once, and you want to get things done as much as you can. But sometimes, you’ll just come to a point where you’d feel so tired about it all. You’ve gone hiking for the weekend, and then someone invited you to travel domestic on a whim, hopping from one island to the other. Then, suddenly you’d just wish to be on your bed doing nothing.

5. Anxiety. Falling in love with a place happens all the time. That’s why leaving also feels like being separated from someone you love. Hence, the anxiety. In worse cases, the feeling of heartbreak.

6. Peace. Travel wouldn’t be associated with soul-searching for nothing. Sometimes though, it’s not really as complex as it sounds. Catching the travel bug means putting yourself out there with the openness to embrace whatever comes. And with that, you simply find peace.


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