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Look Up, Step Out: Glamping, a Convenient Way to Stay Outdoors

Look Up, Step Out: Glamping, a Convenient Way to Stay Outdoors

There’s nothing glitzy about camping, we all know that. But that’s about to change once you get the hang of what they call these days “Glamping,” short for words glamorous and camping. And if you’re into nature, exploring the outdoors, campfire, and barbecues, but not so much into breaking a sweat, mosquitoes, and complete darkness come nighttime—then bet your bottom dollar, Glamping is for you.

An introduction to the camping lifestyle, easing city folk into camping in a nice, easy, and relaxing way, Glamping is for those who want to escape the city and love nature and adventure; it is for those who love fresh air, simple living, and discovering nature’s beauty. It might not be for city people who feel the necessity to stay in a five-star hotel or be on their smartphones 24/7.  

Cathy Turvill of Nurture Wellness Village who has since started offering a Glamping amenity tells, “Response has been phenomenal. We are happy to see many families, friends, and even corporate groups enjoy Glamping under the stars and bond together.”

Here, Cathy also shares four things to keep in mind to maximize the joys of Glamping:

Have the right attitude. City diva attitudes do not fit the Glamping or Camping experience.  Prepare to embrace and be embraced by nature. Have an open mind. This may mean insects and unexpected rain. Ride with the experience.

Pack for comfort. No high heels. Wear washable sandals and a water repellant jacket. Bring insect repellant and an umbrella. Expect the unexpected. It may rain or it may shine. Bring clothes for both. Bring warm clothes and blankets if glamping/camping in December and January in Tagaytay.

Be mindful. Take the opportunity to heighten your sensitivity to nature. Notice the smells, sounds, colors, textures, and taste of nature around you. Meditate on the beauty of nature. Allow it to nourish your soul.

Be respectful of nature and other glampers. Avoid littering. Keep the place as clean as when you first arrived.

Meanwhile, Lala Lazaro, channel manager for Lifestyle Channel, reveals the reason why they also made Glamping one of its signature events. "Through this, we were hoping to engage with our audience and simply relax and have a great time with them while creating awareness for sustainable living and providing some inspiration to taking that first step to going green," she says. “For instance, in the recent pitch in the Nurture Wellness Village, we treated them to a spa massage, yoga sessions, juicing demos (with Green Mind host, Marco Lobregat), Organic Farm Tour, Mandala Art workshop, movies under the stars, and an acoustic performance/party to end the intimate glamping experience.

Now how about you head outdoors and enjoy your billion dollar-star accommodation? 


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