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The Six Fix: Easy Hacks to Help Make Nailing That ‘Learn How to Bake’ Resolution A Breeze

The Six Fix: Easy Hacks to Help Make Nailing That ‘Learn How to Bake’ Resolution A Breeze

You’ve been wanting to learn how to bake since forever, and now you’ve finally signed up for those classes and gotten yourself the books and artillery needed—now, allow us to help you wise up beyond what will be taught to you within the four walls of your classroom. We spoke to dessert master Cynthia Patos, host of Lifestyle’s Sweet Talk, to learn tricks of the trade that can make anyone’s baking journey easy breezy. Read on for her practical tips that even skilled bakers will benefit from:

1. Utilize the versatility of common baking tools. “Use piping bag for your cupcake batter mix. Pipe into your liners with no more mess, and all the control.”

Make baking cupcakes easier by keeping a piping bag handy.


2. Innovate. “No buttermilk? Substitute The same amount of milk + 1 tbsp. of vinegar. Let sit for five minutes and voila! Homemade buttermilk. I don’t even buy buttermilk anymore.” 

3. Master the ultimate goop recipe. “Homemade ‘Goop’ is so easy to make and helps get those cakes out of your pan easily. I love iambakers' recipe here."

4.  Don’t let materials go to waste. “If your brown sugar turns into a block, restore it by placing it in a baking sheet, cover with a wet clean towel and bake at 300F for five minutes.”

One of Cynthia's dessert innovations, Choco Potato Chips.



5. Trust in the power of your good ‘ol container. “Filling your piping bag with one hand is never easy. Wrap it instead inside a large container (I have a large glass beaker for this) and wrap it around the rim. Now fill using both hands. This makes my life so much easier!”

6. Surround yourself with pretty things. Baking paraphernalia with cute designs, and even quotes, will help you not sweat the small stuff—how can you, when they’re too vibrant and pretty?


For more dessert recipes and baking wisdom, catch Cynthia on Sweet Talk, Fridays 10:30PM on Lifestyle, SkyCable Channel 52.


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