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From The Desk: Work Habits that Need to Get Old

From The Desk: Work Habits that Need to Get Old

Since this month is all about starting on that New Year’s resolution, how about leaving those least liked work habits with the year that was? Here’s a rundown of work habits that need to get old and fast, as told by young professionals:  

Lots of meetings, it’s a waste of time. For Christa, 29, she believes meetings only delay the more important and necessary work that one has to put in for the day. Therefore, tons of meetings are rather counter-productive and they need to go.

Manyana habit. Otherwise known as the “mamaya na” habit, Jay, 28, thinks it’s time people stop procrastinating. Why put off for tomorrow or later what you can do right away? Don’t wait for things to get done in a jiffy when you can do it quickly.  

Tardiness. Probably one of the most common habits that’s just hard to kick, coming to work late is something that should have stayed in the Jurassic years.  Raf, 22, says he isn’t a morning person but thinks going to work early is a worthwhile struggle.

Coming to work unprepared. Sarah, 29, believes in making your own to-do lists to track what you have planned for the day. Now if you come to work and not have a clue on what you need to accomplish, if you come to work and spend a chunk of your time planning when you should really be working on it alreadythen that’s being unprepared.

Lack of work process. Whether it be in a system or your own internal work process, Niko believes in having a work process and sticking to it. He says, “When something gets in the way of the process, like mga pasingit, it fucks everything up. Learn to respect the process.”

Office politics. Tino, 27, while not being directly affected, believes that office politics needs to go. Some may have already accepted this as a norm, a part of the corporate culture. But more than that, so should giving credit where it’s due.

Closed-mindedness to the idea of others. This is one habit that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. As per Amos, 27, one must not close himself to the idea of others and its possibility. This year, how about you learn to be more open to hear out someone’s opinion. You don’t necessarily have to accept it but you can listen and learn a thing or two from it.


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