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ICYMI: Powerball is Waiting for a Billion-Dollar Jackpot Winner

ICYMI: Powerball is Waiting for a Billion-Dollar Jackpot Winner


You've read it right. That is the biggest jackpot in US lottery history, as of January 9, 2016. Converted to Philippine Peso, that's (more or less) 61 billion pesos!

Like, how are you gonna spend that crazy amount of money?

You can shop-all-you-want at your own mall or have a vacation in your villa, located at your own island, with your own Jet Ski and yacht.

You could also share your money to the poor by doing charity work, and then later on, run for Congress, perhaps?

You could also buy your own private plane and travel around the world with your loved ones and buy all the pasalubongs in every country. Or you could just go to NASA, rent a spaceship, and travel to the moon and back. SPACE IS THE LIMIT!

Maybe you could ask Apple, Inc. to make you an iPhone9S. Or you could have Justin Bieber sing "Sorry" and "Love Yourself" for you.

Sarap mangarap no? Okay lang yan! Libre naman, e.

But what if one day, you really won the jackpot? Well, that’s not impossible because here in the Philippines, the highest Lotto jackpot claimed was P741M back in November 2010. That's quite a hefty sum.

If you played the Lotto, and then you won, what will you do? Well, we have some suggestions so you can avoid being another cliché case of the “one-day millionaire”:

1. Relax and keep quiet. I know it’s hard to keep silent upon the situation but you have to keep your cool. You can celebrate but don’t shout it out. You don’t want the whole Philippines to know that you’re the big winner and be assassinated or kidnapped, right? (Or do you?) We also suggest you let the news settle down first before you claim your prize.

2. Contact advisers. When it comes to money matters, it will be best to consult professionals who are experienced and reliable—at least three different advisers: On business, law, and accounting/banking—to gather different points of view on financial issues.

3. Educate yourself. Take classes or seminars where you can learn the twists and turn of investments, banking, taxes, etc. so you can't be fooled by anyone—it's always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Plan wisely. With your knowledge and the help of your reliable advisers, you can map out a life plan that will enable you to make the most out of your winnings.

5. Enjoy! Do not stress yourself too much with money matters. Enjoy the blessing given to you—okay, but be very discerning when it comes to making decisions, okay? And don't forget to keep your feet on the ground.


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Illustration (banner) by Jana Jimenez




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