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Fitspiration: What Makes Jericho Rosales the Best Actor? It Has Something To Do With His Body

Fitspiration: What Makes Jericho Rosales the Best Actor? It Has Something To Do With His Body

How does Jericho Rosales achieve impressive victories as an actor, including his latest Best Actor triumph in the just concluded Metro Manila Film Festival? It is with a purposeful, focused, and dedicated healthy lifestyle.

Jericho has actually won either a movie or TV acting award locally and internationally seven times, including two from the PMPC Star Awards, one each from the Young Critics Circle, Gawad Urian, and the latest from the 41st MMFF, where he won Best Actor for Walang Forever. He has received Best Actor nominations for 11 straight years from practically all the award-giving bodies, making him a consistently recognized talent. But the highlight of his career came when Jericho bagged the Outstanding Achievement in Acting award in the Newport Beach Film Festival twice, first in 2011 for Subject: I Love You, and second in 2013 for Alagwa.

This makes him one of the most illustrious actors of his generation. What’s his secret?

“I just give my best in everything I do,” Jericho tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “Not that I’m a perfectionist but I simply am passionate and dedicated to the job and the craft.”

Jericho might have the intention to really give his all in the acting projects he is involved in, but what toll would it take on his body? Given the unholy hours of work, acting at such a high performance level is definitely a brazen physical burden.

But not with Jericho. He takes it even beyond what is expected of him. How does he do it?

Jericho strikes a good balance between work and personal wellness. His well-chiseled body is one glaring proof of this. And, it actually helps him perform his best. After shoots, he always gets on his surfing gear and hangs ten on famed spots, like the beaches of La Union. These escapades surely make life more exhilarating and fun but as he said, are not enough to keep fit.  A consistent routine that's part of a healthy lifestyle is needed to really make things work.

Here are the incredible truths about Jericho’s healthy lifestyle, according to the man himself:

1)  “I do workouts even on the set.” This is just to keep him consistently fit even at work. Jericho says: “It’s hard to balance because we end our shoots at 2AM. I have to build my stamina and endurance para sa mga shoots na ganyan so I work out on the set.” He only does light workouts like floor exercises.

2) No need for a gym. Jericho says, “I don’t visit the gym that much. I have equipment sa bahay so I only need a few square meters of space to work out.” And he doesn’t do hard core stuff, unless he really would buff up his body. He notes that maintaining a fit body would only take a few routines. “Minimal lang,” he adds. “A lot of squats and push-ups, running, all those you see online.”

3) A strict, balanced diet, but allow cheat moments to deal with stress. Jericho follows a strict diet philosophy. “I have a fixed breakfast every morning, just oats with eggs, coffee and have a heavy lunch and light dinner,” he says. But that doesn’t mean he would deprive himself of comfort food, like sweet and salty stuff, some of the time—especially when he is faced with stressful situations. “I just put my head in the fridge and get all that I want. I gobble on chips and candies too when I need to beat stress.”




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