Miss APPdated: 5 New Helpful Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier—Trust Us

Miss APPdated: 5 New Helpful Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier—Trust Us

Did you receive a new phone or tablet last Christmas and now you're excited to fill them with apps? Or maybe you're always just looking to explore the latest ones available? Aside from those that touch on gaming, social media, and photography, there are actually apps that can help you stick to those be more organized/be smarter/learn a new skill New Year's resolutions:

Pintasking – Multitaskers will love this as it lets the user pin apps on the screen in the form of small buttons for easy switching. For example, if you are watching a video and you want to post your reaction or a review on your blog or social media account, you don't need to long press the leftmost button of your android phone to view your previously used apps. Just simply pin the video player to your screen and you can easily switch to the video player once in while as you write. 

Accomplish – This app is perfect for people who love planners and people who want to have better control over their daily schedules. It features a to-do list that can help you organize your tasks for that day and a day view where you can manage your to-dos everyday in a calendar view; it even has a clean and elegant interface that you can personalize.

Define – An offline dictionary that is supported by three distinguished dictionaries namely Wordnet Dictionary, Lino Wiktionary, and Urban Dictionary. This app is ideal for students as it has a wide database of word definitions, synonyms, and usage.

Adobe Photoshop Mix – If you want to try a new photo editor, this one's for you. It features trendy filters and simple editing tools that can transform your photo to an “Instagram-able” one. You can also sync it with Photoshop on your computer for advanced editing.

Flush – Public Toilet Finder – The name of the app says it all. It has a database of over 10,000 public toilets that you can access offline with directions provided by Google Maps. With this app, you do not have to ask a security guard to find where you can answer the “call of nature.”


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