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ICYMI: David Bowie Videos That Shaped the Future of Music Videos

ICYMI: David Bowie Videos That Shaped the Future of Music Videos

From "Space Oddity" to "Lazarus," British Rock icon David Bowie remained to be ahead of his time up until his death on January 10. In fact, two days before his passing, Bowie released his 25th (and final) album entitled Blackstar, a fitting closure to his stellar career. Let’s take a quick look at Bowie’s music videos and how they shaped creative freedom and artistic expression for future generations:

Space Oddity. “Space Oddity” paved the way for sci-fi to be a common theme in music videos (the song was used during the landing of Apollo 11), and was the launch pad of one of the many alter egos Bowie used throughout his career. 


Starman. Bowie’s performance as bisexual alien rockstar Ziggy Stardust at Top of the Pops was a statement in breaking stereotypes in the rock music field. Bowie’s out-of-this world outfits during this phase made him a revered icon in the LGBT community.


Heroes. Made during his so-called “Berlin Era,” this song has been influential to many generations as it best defined “conservative rock” opposite of the rock music made during the '70s and '80s.


Let’s Dance. Made in the '80s when new wave and pop were the “in” things, this song converted the younger audience into big fans of Bowie, showcasing his influence over several generations and his cunning ability to create remarkable music amidst fast changing trends.


The Next Day. Bowie is no stranger to controversy (his Ziggy Stardust persona, among others, always stirred up controversy), and this music video has indeed pushed the limits of artistic freedom (it was considered obscene given how it mocked Christianity).


Lazarus. Bowie's last music video depicted his death, opening with the lines “Look up here, I’m in heaven.” His unorthodox approach with this video is proof that even in his final days, Bowie remained to be the same creative visionary he has always been.


We have lost a visionary in the form of Bowie, but the mark he left will ensure that his influence will be felt by the future generations.


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