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The Six Fix: Beauty Artillery You Must Always Have in Your Makeup Kit

The Six Fix: Beauty Artillery You Must Always Have in Your Makeup Kit

Every beauty girl knows that one of the most important things that have to be done at the start of the year (along with having a general skincare consultation and shaking things up in the hair department), is updating her makeup kit. While it’s a must to always keep tabs on the shelf life of the products you’re using [related: Is It Time to Declutter Your Makeup Kit?] and throw them out once they dry up or smell funny, it’s more beneficial to ride on the momentum of the new year when evaluating the contents of your beauty arsenal. It is also, after all, the time when you’re evaluating and making changes on your overall look and lifestyle.

For sure you’ve got those favorites you just can’t part with (red lipstick, longwearing foundation, a full-on eyeshadow palette…), but guess what? You don’t need to always lug around a heavy duty cosmetic bag. We’ve compiled a list six items you should have in that all-important pouch of yours—celebrity makeup artists create both au naturel and glammed up looks for today’s top celebs using these wonder workers, so you’ll definitely be covered from day to night:

1. Good coverage powder. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach did her own makeup when she competed in the prestigious international pageant, learning foolproof techniques from Gery Penaso [related: The Glam Squad Diaries: Gery Penaso on Helping Pia Wurtzbach Get Out Of Her Beauty Comfort Zone]. One thing they both worked on together is achieving that radiant glow—because truly, beautiful skin is the best canvas for any makeup look. Invest in a multi-functional powder (with SPF and moisturizing elements) to make sure you're fresh and your skin is taken care of.


2. Deep brown eyeliner. Nope, not to line the rims of your eyes, but to draw very light strokes on the brows and make them look more realistic. Jelly Eugenio uses the K-Palette deep brown liner on primetime star Nadine Lustre [related: The Secret Tool You Should Add To Your Routine to Get Nadine Lustre-esque Brows].


3. Lash curler. This is one of the most basic foundations of any hardworking makeup kit—Mickey See makes sure to always curl Liza Soberano’s lashes before putting on mascara. Sometimes, he doesn’t even put mascara at all! Beautifully curled lashes go a long way in opening up the eyes [related: Cheat Sheet: The Five Products You Need to Get Liza Soberano’s Most Stunning Looks]


4. Bronzer or highlighter. Contouring is so 2015, but if strobing is not your thing, you can accentuate your bone structure using bronzer instead. Owen Sarmiento used three kinds of bronzer to sculpt Kim Chiu’s face, but still keep it soft, for her Metro cover [related: Beauty Cheat Sheet: New Year’s Makeovers Inspired by Kim Chiu].


5. Shimmer eyeshadow. Makeup application techniques this year are less rigid, and shimmer eyeshadow is one of the easiest ways to play up your eyes. Nope, we’re not just talking about simple swiping on the lids or layering for smoky eyes—line your lower rims using the shimmer shadow, then smudge, says Eman de Leon, who does this on Miho Nishida [related: The Glam Squad Diaries: Eman de Leon Shows You How to Look Fresh and Sexy Like Miho Nishida]. Hello there, cool girl.


6. Nude lipstick. Yes, red hues scream vavavoom, but nude shades are more versatile—they’re appropriate for the office and still look great when you go out partying because of their effortlessly put-together vibe. It can be quite a challenge to find the perfect nude for you, so Coleen Garcia advises mixing shades together to get your ideal match (she loves M.A.C Cosmetics’ matte formulations: Taupe and Honey Love lipsticks, layered over the Etcetera liner).


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